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The Adventure Of The Spectred Bat

RRP $15.99

Dear Sherlockians: The first day of every month is New Sherlock Day. All New Sherlock Holmes Mysteries ebooks on Kindle will go on sale for 99 cents for one day only. Watch for it at the start of each month. The Adventure of the Spectred Bat: A beautiful young woman, just weeks away from giving birth, arrives at Baker Street in the middle of the night. Her sister was attacked by a bat and died and now it is attacking her. Could it be a vampire sent by the local band of Gypsies? Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are called upon to investigate. The step-father, the local Gypsies and the furious future mother-in-law are all suspects. And was it really a vampire in the shape of a bat that took the young mother-to-be's life? This adventure takes the world's favorite detective away from London to Surrey north to the lovely but deadly Lake District. The story was inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes story, "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" and like the original, leaves the mind wondering and the heart racing.

Miss Power's Great Adventure

RRP $18.99

Miss Power's Great Adventure A Quirky Spanish Romance When Carole Power agreed to leave a well paid position as a Spanish Language teacher in a large Midlands Comprehensive, to go to Spain and work in a bar, little did she know what she was letting herself in for. She quickly realises that waitressing is not for her, and when she catches boyfriend, Lyle, in a compromising position with another waitress, she dumps him and gives in her notice. She has to find another job quickly, and with the help of some of the other residents of Apartamentos Paraiso, she manages to secure enough work to live well. When a mysterious Spanish neighbour lands himself in a spot of bother, Carole and new friend, Sarah-Jane, jump to the rescue: this is only the beginning of Carole's great adventure in Spain.

The Adventures Of A Bear, And A Great Bear Too

RRP $16.99

Yes, it is an "at home" to which I am going to introduce you; but not the at-home that many of you-I hope all of you-have learnt to love, but the at-home of a bear. No carpeted rooms, no warm curtains, no glowing fireside, no pictures, no sofas, no tables, no chairs; no music, no books; no agreeable, cosy chat; no anything half so pleasant: but soft moss or snow, spreading trees, skies with ever-changing, tinted clouds, some fun, some rough romps, a good deal of growling, and now and then a fight.


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Camping East Coast Travel Adventure
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Camping East Coast Travel Adventure
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