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Australia's American Alliance

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The Australia-United States Alliance has been critical to Australian foreign and defence policy since the ANZUS Treaty was signed in 1951. For 63 years it has been an enduring feature of Australian defence planning, yet the contemporary alliance is, arguably, in one of the more important phases of reinterpretation in its long history. Despite the critical importance of the Australian-US Alliance and the evolving nature of the regional and global strategic environment there have been few studies that attempt to provide an in-depth understanding of how the Alliance is developing, and what this means for Australian defence policy. Australia's American Allianceaims to fill this significant gap in order to provide the general public, policy and academic communities a more nuanced understanding of the Alliance and related choices for Australia, that will provide for a better informed debate over the future of Australia's most significant strategic partnership.

Australian Patent Law

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Clear and accessible, Australian Patent Law will assist you in interpreting the technicalities and complexities of the Patent Act 1990 (Cth) and Regulations and will shed light onto processes involved when claiming. Australian Patent Law is an indispensable, easy to use text that provides annotations to the Patent Act 1990, with relevant case law, regulations and Australian Patents Office practice. Of immense value is the comparative table and notes on differences between the 1952 and 1990 Acts, as well as the table of procedural steps. Australian Patent Law also includes a unique introductory chapter, explaining key patent concepts, allowing you to understand the notion underlying the sections of the Act, and which are crucial to understanding the operation of many of the sections.

Australia, Britain And Migration, 1915-1940

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The story of Australia's post-war immigration program is well known, but little has been written about migration to Australia between the wars. This 1995 book is a systematic study of assisted emigration from Britain to Australia during the inter-war years. It looks at the British and Australian politicians and bureaucrats involved in the program and the half-million migrants who uprooted themselves. While their imperial ties were significant, the book shows that British and Australian governments acted in their own interests, using migration to meet their different needs, with little regard for the migrants themselves. Michael Roe shows that the Anglo-Australian relationship was rife with contradictions and these often came to a head in the debates over migration. Not only is the book an important study of imperial relations in the 1920s and 1930s, it describes an important and overlooked aspect of Australian political and social history.


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